What’s the best workout powder for you

The Best Workout Powder? Start Your Routine Off Right!

When you’re about to start your workout you want to maximize your gains, get more for your hours of hard work, and start your day off right. You eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and grab your workout powder for that extra boost of energy to push yourself past your limits.

There are many choices out there for workout powders and supplements, so how do you know which is the best workout powder for you? Each is different and can help you in a more specialized way depending on your needs, so know what you’re getting into and get the boost that’s right just for you!

What Workout Powders Are There?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to workout powder, that’s why there are two major groups we offer to ensure you get what you personally need. These come in two forms: Creatine and Non-Creatine workout powders.

Creatine is a substance naturally found in the body that helps with the delivery of energy to the muscles during workouts. Almost ninety five percent of the body’s natural creatine is stored in the muscles while the rest exists in the brain and kidneys. Non-Creatine workout powders are a mixture of vitamins and minerals that give you an edge, ensuring your body does not run out of the vital fuel your body needs to keep pushing. 

The Creatine Powders

There are two creatine supplements that are the best workout powders in their field. These are Creatine-Monohydrate and our specialized HULK AF supplements! For our beginners, basic creatine-monohydrate by itself is the perfect introduction to upping your workout game while you learn how your body interacts with creatine and how energetic it makes you feel. Taken as prescribed and mixed with a healthy diet and ample rest, you’ll find that your workouts are better than ever before! It’s no wonder that Creatine powders are considered some of the best in the world of getting SWOLE!

But when you want to take that next step and embrace the new SWOLE you, HULK AF will push you past your limits and into a longer, harder workout than ever before. Containing not only creatine but citrulline, arginine, beet powder, and taurine, your body will have more nutrients to draw upon to keep you focused and energetic until YOU choose to stop for the day. You’re in control of your workout, not exhaustion.

The Non-Creatine Powders

If you’re not ready to jump into the power of creatine and want to keep it simple, then what you want is the best workout powders on the market! If you’re a novice on the search for that extra edge, you want to be Fueled AF!

Fueled AF is packed full of vitamins and supplements to give you the boost you deserve without the crash often accompanied by most workout powders, it stands out amongst the entry level powders to get you up and working out harder than ever before!

Once you’ve grown accustomed to how your body works with workout powders, you’ll be ready to jump up to using amino acids with Amino AF! Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, which help you recover faster from your workouts and build more muscle than vanilla workouts.

Still boasting a wide variety of vitamins to replenish your body’s reservoir, you’ll find that you’re not crashing after your workout, like you would be with other supplements, and are refreshed and ready to go again faster than ever! 

When you truly reach your pinnacle of fitness and have acquired an expert level of confidence in your routines and powders you’ll want to embrace the heart pumping strength of Escobar! While one of the best workout powders in the industry, it’s not for everyone. It’s high stim, high focus, and high energy designed for the most serious athletes.

Get Swole!

Most high stim powders simply have too much caffeine and niacin, considering the temporary focus these offer as ‘stimulating’. Balancing these two ingredients with a blend of essential vitamins and minerals means that your post workout is not spent jittery and fatigued. And your pursuit of the most SWOLE you is easily obtainable with the focus to take that three hour workout and smash through it with ease!

So don’t just get strong, get SWOLE!

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