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Are you eating the right pre-workout meals? Things to remember!

Exercising your body is good, but if you are not giving your body the proper fuel, you will crash. Similar to a car, which cannot function without fuel, your body needs food and nutrition to ensure it has the stamina to perform the rigorous exercise. That is why a pre-workout meal is a super important part of your daily regime, as it allows you to work with good stamina without losing muscle mass. This guide talks about important tips related to pre-workout meals. Let’s begin.

What is the best time to eat before a workout?

When it comes to the best pre-workout meal timing, you have to focus on a few guidelines, like:

  • Anyone working early in the morning should eat a nutritious small snack 30 minutes prior to working out. You have been fasting since the night, so you need a good energy source to help you kickstart the exercise.
  • If you have had a big meal, do not hit the gym soon. Take at least a break of 2–3 hours so your body digests the food and is able to workout better.
  • If you are working out in between two meals and there is a good gap, eat a snack an hour before you hit the gym for proper energy.

Note: Everybody is different, and some might prefer more food or less. But ensure that you listen to your body and eat well. 

Other things to know about your pre-workout meals

  • Do not be afraid to add carbs to your pre-workout meals. Carbs are necessary as the body converts them into glucose, acting as fuel for your body. Irrespective of the workout routine you follow, carbs are super important.
  • Eating before a workout ensures you do not get a headache, feel fatigued, or fall down during a strenuous workout session. 
  • Also, your workout routine will influence what you eat and how much you eat. For someone going through strength training, it is necessary to eat a nutritious diet.

The best pre-workout meals to eat

10-15 minutes before the workout 

If you do not have enough time before your scheduled workout, here are a few things to eat.


They have easy access and are full of magnesium and potassium, making them ideal for energy as they have good carbs too. 

Dry Fruits

It makes for an excellent pre-workout meal, as even a handful of them is enough for energy and good fats and carbs, keeping you going. 

Granola or Protein Bar

A protein bar or granola is another option for you to munch on. Just remember to buy a protein bar that is not full of sugar. You want something packed with dates, honey, oats, nuts, and dry fruits. Here are a few recipes to make a healthy protein bar at home.

Pre-workout meal 30-45 minutes before

Fruit smoothies

Smoothie bowls or fruit smoothies are a delicious way to start your day, and they are a great pre-workout meal too. You can add any fruit of your choice, or even add protein powder or peanut butter to add some protein to it.

Peanut butter and toast or avocado toast

A single toast with a cut Avocado is also a great snack to have as a pre-workout meal. Another thing you can take is peanut butter and toast.

Big meals to have: 1-2 before a workout

If you are working out between meals and feel hungry, you can have these few things 1-2 hours before your workout. 

Whole-wheat toast and egg

A boiled egg with whole wheat toast and black coffee is a great pre-workout snack.


A vegetable omelet, or Spanish-style omelet, is another snack to try before your workout. Along with this, you can drink an espresso or a low-fat, no-cream cappuccino.

Greek yogurt with fruits and granola

A Greek yogurt with fruits and granola is another option for you to try. It is protein-rich and fulfilling. 


Here, I hope you will understand the importance of a good pre-workout meal. The guide has all the best pre-workout meals, like food and supplements (protein powder), which you can include in your diet. However, as mentioned above, every person is different, and so are their requirements. So, know your body, work with the right trainer, and be nutritious to figure out your body’s needs. That will help you better long-term.

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