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Building lean muscle is an uphill battle if you’re over the age of twenty five. Finding new ways to meet gains becomes more and more difficult as your system begins to work against you.  So how can you make your system listen to reason? How can you ensure that each weight you lift is heavier than the weight before it? How can you compile all the numerous nutrients needed to build fast, beautiful, veiny muscle, and how can you force your body to build it? Swole Research has the answer.

Getting Swole AF

In order to get swole as f%#k as fast as possible, you need the correct combination of amino acids, proteins, and active ingredients inside your body. The best way to get all that into your system is with our supplements. Though Swole Research offers several products, there are a few select ingredients that really make the difference to help achieve higher quality gains.

Amino Power

Improving muscle cell growth relies heavily on one thing… amino acids. However, there are so many different amino acids present already in the body. Which ones do you need? The list goes on: 

5 most important amino acids for building muscle

  1. Leucine
  2. Isoleucine
  3. Valine
  4. Lysine
  5. Phenylalanine

 These amino acids are essentially representations of five different keys to unlocking the potential your body has been keeping from you. The human muscular system has the ability to improve itself far above what most believe. However, it keeps its secrets hidden within layer after layer of complex biology. The best way to open a door is with a key. The best way to unlock a new layer of muscle is with the corresponding amino acid.

Completing the Cycle

Amino acids can open the door, but someone has to walk through it. Without a proper workout regimen and the perseverance to follow through, you’ll never see results. But, with the right motivation, the right supplements, and accordingly, the right amino acids your body will begin to respond in remarkable ways when it comes to building muscle tissue. You’ll begin to notice spectacular results based on very little effort. Swole Research has already created a difference for so many. Be part of that community, and be part of this incredible journey.

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