Swole AF Nutrition is here to push the limits in our formulas, service, marketing and branding. We are taking already proven ingredients and packing insane amounts into our products giving you what your gainz deserve. Being Swole AF is about giving your absolute best in every aspect of your life.

  • Murph Workout

    Get SWOLE with the Murph Workout

    Table of Contents What is a Murph Workout? Which Supplements Compliment Murph Workout? El CHAPO – ULTRA HI STIM Escobar – Hi Stem Hulk Af – Pump Conclusion Plugin Author?...

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  • The Bretman Rock Ab Workout

    The Bretman Rock Ab Workout

    Table of Contents Bretman Rock Ab Workout Routine What Supplements Will Help Boost Results? ESCOBAR – HI STIM El CHAPO – ULTRA HI STIM HULK AF – PUMP Conclusion Plugin...

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