What is Turkesterone?

Turkesterone, a supplement that has helped many users improve their performance without experiencing any side effects, has recently gained overwhelming support in bodybuilding and fitness circles.

However, some customers ask if the supplement works as well as others promote.

Is Turkesterone actually among the top natural supplements for building muscle?

Here, you will read all about the Turkesterone


What is Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid, a hormonal type of steroid commonly found in insects and plants. The term phytoecdysteroids refer to them. These hormonal families are utilized to ward off predators in plants, while they assist in controlling important insect activities including molting and transformation. Turkesterone typically comes from a Leuzea plant in supplement form. While the effects of all of this ecdysterone on humans are comparable, Turkesterone is typically thought to have the strongest impact.

Ecdysteroids are frequently contrasted with testosterone because of their capacity to stimulate growth. However, both are not the same. Ecdysteroids do not bind to androgen receptors as testosterone does. As a result, taking them won’t result in any undesirable steroidal side effects (such as gynecomastia and hair loss).

The Ajuga Turkestanica plant, a native of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in central Asia, is the source of Turkesterone. As previously mentioned, turkesterone is found in a variety of creatures and insects, including crabs, that undergo molting. The Ajuga plant, also known as carpet bugle, bugleweed, or ground pine, is where it was first acquired. Other plants from which it can be obtained include Leuzea Carthamoides, Rhaponticum, Stemmacantha Uniflora, Vitex Fisherii, and the Cyanotis Vaga plant.

Benefits of Turkesterone

The natural process of creating new protein cells from amino acids to restore and repair muscle tissue is known as muscle protein synthesis. This natural process is the result of severe physical stress, which is brought on by microtears and minor injuries to the muscles from the workout. There aren’t many natural supplements that can effectively build muscle, making this Ecdysteroid special. The potential of ecdysteroids to stimulate muscle protein synthesis is said to be similar to one of the effects and proposed mechanisms of Turkesterone. But many users will attest to Turkesterone’s capacity to boost muscle mass.

Despite the limitation of data, some findings suggest that turkesterone may encourage and produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Your body needs ATP to power its molecular and chemical functions. In essence, it serves as your body’s internal fuel supply. Energy is converted from glycogen and fat into ATP when it is required by muscle cells. To increase strength, decrease muscular fatigue, and increase power output, ATP acts as a shuttle, transporting more energy.

This ecdysteroid is intended to increase your lean muscle mass while also enhancing your strength and power. Throughout your cycle, you can plan to gradually add weight to your compound lifts. Turkesterone and ecdysteroids do not have any steroidal adverse effects, unlike anabolic-androgenic steroids that link to testosterone receptors.

Ecdysteroids link to the human estrogen receptor and cause increased hypertrophy through the activation of estrogen. Turkesterone is one of the most anabolic ecdysteroids, despite promoting and mediating a variety of anabolic pathways.

Turkesterone appears to be the most effective ecdysteroid for increasing rates of muscle protein synthesis,  even while eating in a calorie deficit, increasing muscular growth, enlarging muscle fibers, enhancing athletic performance, increasing circulation, boosting sensitivity to and use of glucose, decreasing cholesterol, combat osteoporosis, boost wound healing, lessen inflammatory.

Turkesterone can assist with recovery, which is a crucial component of the muscle-building process. The supplement boosts muscle glycogen stores and speeds up muscle fiber repair. In the end, this speeds up lactic acid disposal and assists in workout recovery. Naturally, professionals who cannot afford to wait around while their bodies recuperate are the ones that prefer this benefit the most. Turkesterone has the additional benefit of not requiring post-cycle therapy (PCT), as it doesn’t enhance testosterone levels. As a result, there is no suppression after using Turkesterone, which reduces the possibility of side effects and promotes the development of muscle mass.

Turkesterone Reviews

People who use the supplement state that they notice effects in their workouts practically immediately, especially when they conduct intense workouts. Bodybuilders and sportsmen can exert more effort because of reduced fatigue and accelerated recovery times.

Some customers claim that the growth of their muscles has quickened. Results are inconsistent because each person’s body is unique and reacts differently to dietary supplements or herbal teas. When your testosterone levels are low as a result of intense training, turkesterone can act as a replacement.

Turkesterone does have benefits similar to those of testosterone but does not increase the level of testosterone in the body, thus you can maintain your muscle gains without the need for post-cycle therapy. The cost has been one of the reasons the supplement has been delayed in the USA for a few decades if you’re wondering why.

Turkesterone’s effects have long been a subject of expensive research for producers. But as technology develops, there are quicker and less affordable ways to produce a pure extract, making mass production economically viable. Turkesterone could be a very effective supplement to aid in weight maintenance and fat loss because of its favorable effects on lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.

Regarding your generic ecdysteroid, it seems that the growth-promoting benefits were brought on by improved nitrogen retention, which led to an improved protein metabolism profile with decreased protein catabolism and higher anabolism.

Side Effects

We have positive news that evidence from studies and personal encounters suggests that taking Turkesterone has no side effects. It is an entirely secure and dependable supplement. So long as you’re wise and adhere to the dosage and cycling recommendations, you should be fine. When taken directly or orally, ecdysteroids like ecdysterone are harmful at levels of 6,400 mg per kg of body weight. The maximum amount that has been safely tested in a human trial is 800 mg, or around 10 mg per kg for a man weighing 180 pounds.

Since ecdysteroids are actually relatively easily metabolized by the body, it is believed that a big dose is needed to provide the benefits listed above.

Only that you shouldn’t take it on an empty stomach should be noted. Because taking capsulated supplements without food frequently results in the side effect of nausea. As a result, it is advised that consumers take it together with a substantial meal. Before starting any new supplementation plans, it is advisable to discuss your medical history with your doctor if you have a pre-existing disease.

Turkesterone: A Steroid or Not?

Turkesterone is not an anabolic steroid; rather, it is an ecdysteroid, a hormone found naturally in insects and plants. It is categorized as a natural supplement due to its natural extraction procedure rather than artificial composition. Turkesterone is not an artificial form of testosterone and does not attach to androgen receptors, therefore it won’t cause steroidal adverse effects or raise hormone levels above those that occur naturally.

Turkesterone: Is It Natural?

Turkesterone is a plant-derived pharmacological component and categorized as a natural supplement. You can learn more on this here.

Anabolic steroids, on the other hand, are not natural because they are synthetic exogenous hormones that are testosterone derivatives made in a lab and not extracted from natural sources. Consequently, due to their high flavonoid, triterpene, tannin, and anthraquinone content, plant-derived medications like turkesterone have shown extraordinary therapeutic effects on a variety of human illnesses. Anabolic steroids have helped alleviate cachexia in medicine, but they also have a number of negative side effects.

Is Turkesterone Worth It?

Turkesterone is a potent ecdysteroid that enhances lean muscle building in addition to offering a number of other benefits. Although there are many different kinds of ecdysteroids, turkesterone is regarded as one of the most effective and greatest natural supplements for muscle growth. You won’t suffer any side effects because it doesn’t adhere to androgen receptors. Give Turkesterone a try if you’re seeking for a natural supplement to increase your growth. Give it time of a week or more before you start to see any changes, and be sure to follow the dose guideline. It’s likely that you’ll be satisfied with the results and keen to begin scheduling your second cycle.

Turkesterone Dosage

Because of the lack of research trials, there is no universally accepted dosage for turkesterone. To provide a recommendation for the ideal ergogenic dose of turkesterone, more data are required. The majority of testosterone supplements, however, deliver 500–600 mg per dose. Since turkesterone is not an androgenic steroid and does not cause suppression or toxicity, typical cycles last between 8 and 12 weeks. However, you can utilize turkesterone indefinitely.

Should I Start Taking Turkesterone?

Although the choice is entirely up to you, we do advise trying it. Most users have found it to be effective. We’ve conducted a few Turkesterone cycles and are pleased with the power and lean muscular gains as end results. Therefore, if you’re a lifter and bodybuilder to pump up your performance and accelerate your growth, we advise using a turkesterone supplement.

First Turkesterone Cycle

We advise taking between 250mg and 500mg of Turkesterone daily for 8 to 12 weeks if this is your first time running a Turkesterone cycle. Despite the fact that some sites advise a six-week cycle, we advise sticking for a period of 8 weeks. Users frequently observe effects tapering off after two to three months, which is why many adopt cycle routines to prevent the body from developing tolerance. Naturally, it would be better to start with the lowest amount and gradually increase it to gauge how your body reacts to the substance.

Turkesterone Stack

Other substances, such Beta-Ecdysterone and Tongkat Ali, can be taken with Turkesterone. These organic extracts may enhance the effects of Turkesterone by promoting muscle growth, enhancing performance, and decreasing stress. Together with other testosterone boosters, growth hormone boosters, and estrogen blockers, turkesterone is incredibly effective. It may also be taken in conjunction with fat reduction supplements because of its potential to change lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. 

Before or After Workout

As some people suffer stomach discomfort when taking turkesterone on an empty stomach, the suggested method is to take it in the morning with some meal. The dosage can be divided up over the day, for example, by taking half before and half after your workout. Depending on the user, turkesterone might make some individuals feel energized while making other people feel fatigued. Therefore, it could be best for the latter user to take it in the evening before bed.

Is Turkesterone Legal?

Turkesterone is not regarded as a steroid and is permitted for consumption in the US. Turkesterone is not currently prohibited by WADA, despite considerable concern among members of organizations like WADA. Turkesterone is also not prohibited by any other athletic associations. In the US, it is completely legal and readily available for purchase.

How to Choose the Best Supplement?

Some companies hastened to cash in on the hype as demand for Turkesterone increased. They’ll use deceptive advertising to attract you, but the effectiveness might not be worth it. To the uninitiated, choosing the right Turkesterone supplement might be a complicated thing.

To create a shortlist of the best Turkesterone supplements, one should evaluate each manufacturer on the basis of following things for best Turkesterone supplement: transparency about Turkesterone quantity, prioritized reputable, long-lasting brands, amount of Turkesterone per serving, ignored proprietary blends, artificial flavors, source, value and the third party testing or lab test to verify.

Turkesterone vs SARMs

SARMs, or selective androgen receptor modulators, function in a particular way. It operates in a selective manner, as its name suggests. As a result, it only interacts with specific skeletal muscle androgen receptors. SARMs may potentially harm organs like the liver and kidneys, according to some theories. However, the danger posed by this phytoecdysteroid is minimal. It is significant to note that some bodybuilders have begun choosing turkesterone over SARMs.

SARMs are synthetic compounds; turkesterone is a natural substance. SARMs bind to the androgen receptor, whereas turkesterone does not. Turkesterone users experience no severe adverse effects, in contrast to SARMs, which are known to cause: significant changes in HDL (high-density lipoprotein), liver damage, and decreased levels of endogenous turkesterone. SARMs should be harmless in essence because of their tissue selectivity, but in fact they have been demonstrated to mimic or even exceed the toxicity of several anabolic steroids.

Where to Buy?

Turkesterone is a relatively new dietary supplement, thus it can be difficult to determine where or from whom to get it. You can find the best quality Turkesterone for sale at SWOLE AF store.

Take Away

Turkesterone is a novel and interesting supplement that looks to have the potential to support a well-planned workout routine while also assisting in the development of muscle and strength. Turkesterone receives less attention than foods or pharmaceuticals, similar to other dietary supplements.Despite being more recent, it has the potential to be quite beneficial. In addition to these facts, it is evident that turkesterone has a solid reputation as a natural source of boosted strength when used in conjunction with demanding workouts. Contact us today for more details  and it’s time for you to get your supplements and put in the hard workouts to get the wanted results. 


What is Turkesterone Used for?

Turkesterone has several uses, including promoting muscular growth, protein synthesis, enhancing performance, and maintaining male sexual health.

How Long Should I Take Turkesterone?

Most people use Turkesterone for 8 to 12 weeks in order to monitor their progress and results. Despite the fact that it is not a steroid and does not call for a typical cycle or post-cycle therapy, making sure you check in 8 to 12 weeks after beginning does allow you to compare and contrast your progress over time.

Is Turkesterone Natty?

Although considered a steroid and natty, turkesterone hardly ever causes androgen-related adverse effects. Turkesterone appears to support testosterone production and muscle growth via the same anabolic pathway, though.

How Do You Feel on Turkesterone?

The first cycle you go through will be an exciting one because this strong prohormone can provide some remarkable outcomes. Gaining muscle mass and strength is the most typical goal while using a Turkesterone cycle, but many users also mention faster recovery times, higher desire, and improved mental clarity.

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