The Best Shoulder Workouts For Your Home Routine

Best Shoulder Workouts

One of the important areas you need to focus on when building your upper body is the shoulders. The best shoulder workout will help you reach your fitness goals faster by supporting more challenging workouts and heavier weight lifting for the rest of the body. Also, having a strong back and shoulders means fewer chances of getting hurt when lifting heavy or doing other strength exercises. Here is a list of the best shoulder workout for men. Check them out!



Pushups may seem like a simple exercise to many people, but it’s a powerful shoulder workout. It works to build your overall strength and muscle. What’s more, you can do it anywhere, without any equipment, and there are plenty of variations of the workout that target other muscle groups as well.


For an effective pushup, you need to get down on four, stretch your legs behind you and bring your upper body down. Stay in that position for a few seconds, then extend your arms, bringing your body up. Ensure you remain parallel to the floor all the time.


Overhead Press

Another amazing shoulder workout is the overhead press or overhead shoulder press. It’s the best shoulder workout for mass and strength building.


Use this exercise to build and tone your deltoids, triceps, pectorals, and trapezius. All you have to do is stand straight with your feet apart while holding two dumbbells or a barbell. Next, raise the dumbbells or barbell over your head and hold them there for a few seconds, then gently lower the weights in a controlled motion.


Crab Walk

Besides your shoulder, crab walks target your core, leg, and arms. To do the exercise, assume a seated position. Now place your hand behind your back and let it touch the surface. Next, raise your hips from the ground and bend your legs. Your hand will support your weight as you crawl like a crab, moving one hand at a time. You might need some time to practice and master this workout, but it’s totally worth it.


Final Thoughts

These are not the only shoulder workouts you can do, but they’re the best. You can also try out other powerful shoulder workouts like renegade row, face pull, high pull, seated dumbbell clean, and others. All these workouts will help you build strong and broad shoulders and give you shape and strength that protect you from injuries. Now that you’ve read our piece about good shoulder workouts, be sure to visit for the best pre-workouts, muscle building, and fat loss supplements to maximize your gains from these shoulder workouts.



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