Police workouts vs. Military workouts, who does it better?

Police Workouts Vs Military Workouts, Who does it better?

Police Workouts Vs Military Workouts, Who does it better? This has been a debate, besides the regular Police vs Fire Department friendly feuds, for as long as these organizations have existed. Workouts, ideology, who has the most dangerous or demanding job. If you can name it, people have compared it between these two. But let’s put one of the most popular questions to rest: Who works out harder and better than the other. 

The Military

Military workouts have been a staple of workout enthusiasts for generations, and there’s a reason why. The military are our frontline protectors against the threats of the wider world, from terrorists foreign and domestic to hostile entities who would undermine our way of life. So police Workouts Vs Military Workouts, Who does it better? Lets look at the Military side! Here’s a few examples of the ways the military exercises:

  • Rough March: These are mandated long marches with full packs of equipment, armored vests, rifles, and the works. They can very from ten miles to thirty mile marches and are made to ensure all active military are able to march over long distances if required.
  • Pullups: One of the most iconic types of exercise, pullups not only work out your biceps but also the muscles in your back.
  • Running: Nothing works out your entire body, especially the muscles around your knees, like running. And when you’re in the military, you do intense interval running as well. Thirty seconds sprinting, a minute jog, thirty seconds of walking and repeat! Mix up how long you do each but never stop moving. 
  • The Nine Count Pushup: One of the more interesting styles of pushups, this style of pushup starts in the standing position, then crouched with hands on the ground, kick your legs back to adopt the pushup position, perform two pushups at a measured court, back to the crouched position, then upright. This entire process is ONE pushup and can exhaust even the most persistent athletes quickly. 

Police Workouts

Inspired by many of the workout routines used by the military, a lot of police officers will utilize military style exercises in their daily routines to stay in top shape. Whereas the military has a strict daily regiment that they adhere to for training, police workouts can be more freeform and adaptive to the individual. Some of these include:


  • Benchpress: One of the most commonly used workouts for police officers with frequent gym access, the benchpress lets us work out our arms and shoulders with increasing weight to keep our muscles in top condition. 
  • Leg Press: Another familiar exercise to many gym enthusiasts, the leg press machine allows us to work out our legs in a manner similar to the benchpress with our arms. More weight means more push and more gain for our workouts. 
  • Cardio: A wide range of exercises count as cardio, but in this case we’re looking at stair running and squat jumps for their ability to help workout the legs and knees. Police officers often have to go up and down stairs and jump over obstacles to get to where they are needed and these two exercises accommodate that need perfectly.

The Results

If we look at all the different exercises that these two groups performed and want a definitive answer as to police workouts Vs military workouts, Who does it better? The simple fact is each has exercises that pertain to their unique duties and will train what they need to perform their tasks. What can set the two apart is how they prepare for their workouts. Proper muscle building supplements or pre-workouts can help anyone get the extra edge to train harder than ever. Check out our selection at SWOLE AF and don’t just get fit, get SWOLE!

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