Life After COVID – Get Your Body Back

Life After COVID – Get Your Body Back

Very few leave unscathed from COVID. While physicians like to encourage people to start working out again, there is a great deal of uncertainty about the lingering effects of this virus. Experts are urging caution for athletes and bodybuilders who plan on doing serious training. But how do you get your body back after COVID?

What Can I Expect Life After COVID to Be Like When Training?

From the mild tightness in the chest to an inflammation of the heart muscle and poor circulation, there are a lot of ramifications that seem to affect recovered COVID patients. Others have developed problems with lung damage, which can have a significant impact on their oxygen capacity. With low blood oxygen levels, the body sends oxygen to the muscles when training at a much slower pace. This makes gym-goers feel fatigued, and it is harder to achieve the best workout results.

Anxiety after COVID is another problem. It can make people more sedentary. But, life after COVID 19 is not the same for everyone. Many people recover with no post COVID health problems. In any case, you may want to consider getting fully vaccinated COVID to curb the risk of getting infected by the pathogen again.

What Type of Workouts Should I Start With After Recovering From COVID?

Unlike diseases that have been studied for decades, COVID 19 stands out for being unpredictable and hard to comprehend. Overall, it’s good to be active.

The current exercising recommendations for life after COVID are not set in stone. After all, this is still a novel disease. Here, you can get a general perspective of what exercise to choose if you are still worried about making a wrong choice.

  • For gym-goers with blood disorders: Start with a low-intensity workout and minimize sedentary behavior. This helps curb the risk of blood clots.
  • For gym-goers with respiratory problems: Wait after the symptoms subside and gradually return to physical activity. Make sure to monitor your breathing.
  • For gym-goers who had heart problems: Rest for about 2 to 3 weeks after the symptoms end. Consult with a specialist before you start any exercise regimen.
  • For gym-goers with gastrointestinal problems: Ease into a fitness pattern you feel comfortable with, and keep tabs on your current calorie and fluid intake.
  • For gym-goers with muscle and joint pain: Gradually return to easier workouts before you embrace your former routine.

If COVID left a serious impact on your body, muscles, or breathing patterns, be sure to consult with a doctor or a personal trainer. They can tailor an exercise regimen to your needs.

When Can I Get Back to Training After COVID?

Check with your doctor. You may be able to return to exercise a week after the symptoms have subsided. But, if the coronavirus has left some major impact, like lingering respiratory problems, then you might have to rest for 2 to 3 weeks. Resume with heavy training when your body feels ready for it.





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