How to do the perfect push-up

Do you know how to do the perfect push-up? 

It can’t be hard, right? On the floor, feet behind you, hands on the ground, bring your chest to the floor and back up – done. That’s all! Right? WRONG! There’s actually so much more that goes into the perfect push-up and as we all know – getting it right from the beginning is the most important thing at the gym.

Bad form = a bad workout

Let’s fix it!

Next time you’re in the gym, try it this way…

1) Plank it out

How to do a push-up

Start with your hands firmly on the floor, right under your shoulders. Next, your toes should be planted firmly on the ground, stabilizing your lower half. Then, tighten your core like you’re about to throw a punch, engaging your glutes and hamstrings and keeping your back nice and straight. Finally, from head to heel, your whole body should be perfectly straight and in a neutral position.


2) Get low

With a flat back and eyes straight ahead, lower your body until your chest just barely touches the floor. 

Make sure to keep your whole body in one straight line – head to heel.

Elbows should be tucked close to your body the whole time.


3) Bring it back up

The perfect push-up

Now that you’ve hit the floor – bring it back up to that high plank. Keep your core engaged the whole time and exhale on the lift. 

Don’t forget to keep those elbows tight and that back straight!


4) Practice makes perfect

I’m sure you’ve heard a ton of people say “practice makes perfect,” but in reality, only perfect practice makes perfect. So now it’s time to knock out some perfect push-ups until it’s the only way you know how to do it. 


Pro tip: Learning how to do a push-up takes time. Jump in front of a mirror or take videos of yourself getting in that perfect practice. Each time you practice and you’re able to see how your body looks, your form will get better and better.


Superpro tip: Amp up your push-up game with a scoop of El Chapo!

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