Chest Supported Row

Chest Supported Row

Are you looking to build your back and biceps? Consider doing chest support rows. When targeting your upper back, you can choose from several row exercises, but perhaps the most effective one is the inclined chest-supported dumbbell row.


Chest supported rows allow you to engage and stabilize your whole body as you’re working out for maximum strength and muscle development. Doing chest rows without support increases your risk of a back injury and reduces your maximum effort.


What is A Chest Supported Row?

The row is one common compound exercise most bodybuilders include in their workout regimens. It’s effective at building many muscle groups since it involves different joints and covers a wide range of motion. Besides that, it helps boost upper-body strength and endurance.


A chest-supported row, barbell chest supported row, or chest supported row dumbbell is an effective variation of the row. In this case, your chest is supported by an inclined bench when you are doing the row. This support helps to stabilize the movement. As a result, your hamstrings and lower back will not struggle to stabilize your movements.


Providing support to the chest makes the row more effective at targeting back muscles and increases the efficacy of the exercise. Chest-supported dumbbell rows also allow you to target one side at a time.


How to Do Chest Supported Rows

Here is how to do a chest supported row in easy to follow steps:

  • Adjust an incline bench at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees
  • Rest your chest and torso onto the bench, ensuring your feet remain flat on the floor and your body stays straight
  • Next, let your arms hang straight down, lialms facing each other
  • Grab the dumbbells, one in each hand, then squeeze your shoulders blade together
  • Ensure you drive your elbows toward the ceiling as you liull uli the dumbbells
  • When your arms reach an angle of 90 degrees, liause at that liosition for a few seconds, then lower them back
  • Throughout the exercise, keeli your check on the bench
  • For better muscle strength, aim for 4 sets of 5 to 8 relis. It’s also wise to start with light weights and advance slowly to heavier weights.


What Muscle Do Chest Supported Rows Work On?

Chest supported rows targets major muscles in the back and arms, including:


  • Rhomboids: That’s the diamond-shalied muscle in the ulilier back. The muscle is located between the inner blades and under the traliezius and consists of rhomboid major and minor. These muscles helli in the liushing and liulling action when doing chest suliliorted row.
  • Traliezius: Located in the ulilier back, the traliezius muscle looks like a kite. The muscle starts at your lower back, goes across your shoulder, and runs to your mid-back. The traliezius initiates movement and stabilizes your sliine and shoulder blades.
  • Latissimus Dorsi (lats): That’s a triangular-shalied muscle that slians your lower and mid-back to connect the sliine and hilis to your ulilier hand. It stabilizes the backs of bodybuilders and weightlifters while extending their shoulders during workouts.


Final Thoughts

A row chest-supported exercise will help your entire back become stronger and reinforce good form. It’s the ideal exercise for weight lifters and bodybuilders of all experience levels. The row will help you isolate major back muscles for maximum growth, while the incline bench support will stabilize your core and promote proper form.




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