Get your Best Beachbody Before The Fun Starts

 Get SWOLE  With Beachbody Workouts This Summer!

Since the dawn of parties on exotic columbian beaches and summer sports, humanity has strived to obtain the ultimate in physical fitness: The perfect beachbody. Standard workout routines might keep us in peak physical shape but to obtain that ultimate goal of perfection we need the best beachbody workouts available!

These workouts are best suited for the heat of summer, during the cool mornings.   Before you head down to the beach and take a dip in the water to relax, these exercises are an excellent way to enjoy being outdoors while savoring the cooling effect off the ocean waters.

What are Beachbody Workouts?

Beachbody Workouts started by avid beach goers and ocean enthusiasts who wanted to spend more time looking good on the beach while maintaining their physical fitness. The unique nature of sandy beaches lead to harder workouts and more burn for the effort. This was due to the fact that sand shifts beneath those who step upon it. The beach requires your body to adjust in order to maintain its balance!

This leads to a rush from urban gyms down to the beach, allowing workout enthusiasts to savor the joy of being outdoors while experiencing the refreshing breeze from the oceans and lakes they trained upon. This isn’t something that only the young can enjoy, but people of all ages! The beaches are an untamed workout experience for anyone brave enough to take them on!

Before you rush off to try your normal exercises on the beach, you need to make sure you know what you’re getting into! Beach exercises are different on the body in ways you may not expect and they will strain your muscles in ways different to solid ground! Lets cover a few of the basics and make sure you’re ready to get SWOLE this summer!

Exercises For The Beach

So you’re ready to get started with your best beachbody workouts so you can improve yourself for summer! Here’s a few exercises that you can try on your next trip to the beach!

  • Jogging: Arguably the best warmup you can perform on the beach. Jog for five to ten minutes so your body gets used to the sand. Give it time to adjust to how this malleable surface shifts!
  • Tuck Jumps: Best for those with sensitive knees. Impact on sand is soft and much gentler on stiff joints. Tuck your knees up as you jump then extend them as you land. 
  • Skaters: Keep your feet waist width apart. Jump to the right, take your left leg back and pump like you’re trying to skate on ice! Repeat this motion on the left! Twelve reps in three sets will do the trick!
  • Squat Jumps: Useful for those soft sand landings! Start in a squat then fully extend your legs to jump. Then land back down in a squat! Twelve reps in three to five sets!
  • Sand Bucket Deadlifts: And you thought sand buckets were just for play! It turns out  they’re useful for your beachbody workouts! Fill up your sand buckets to the brim and start your deadlift routines with nature!

Boosting To That Next Level

Now that you’ve got some beachbody workouts under your belt, you need to have the right supplements to boost your gains and help you get SWOLE. Escobar can give you the columbian kilo to make your summer EXCEPTIONAL! Packed with energy and performance boosting supplements that keep you focused and pushing harder than ever, you’ll never wonder why you ever had to stop working out! 

So don’t just get strong this summer, get SWOLE!

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