Are you a woman in your 30s? Here is how you can build muscle and lose fat.

Prioritizing your health at every age and situation is the best decision of your life. But when you reach your 30s, it is incredibly essential that you start taking care of your health, especially as a woman. As women age, they tend to become overweight due to pregnancy, hormonal issues, cortisol imbalance, and more. And unlike men, women find it challenging to lose weight easily due to their slow metabolism. However, do not worry; there are ways women in their 30s can build muscle and lose fat successfully. How? Here are a few methods or tips you can include in your life to make these changes. 

Focus on strength training and HIIT.

To gain muscles and shed fat, a few exercises that should be part of your routine are HIIT training and weightlifting. They help you achieve your goals of fat loss and muscle gain. With weightlifting, you burn more calories while putting on more muscle mass. Don’t worry about getting bulky; it is not true! Lifting weights will only help you lose fat. You can include three to four days of strength and weight training for this. Always have a 60-second gap between these exercises. HITT training is a great way to lose fat while gaining muscle simultaneously. Even 15-minute HIIT training three times a day helps. 

Eat the right food.

Diet is 80% important for losing fat and building muscles. Protein is necessary to build muscles. It is best to consult a dietitian to help you determine the best source of nutrients for building muscle and losing weight. Moreover, you can include muscle-building supplements in your diet as well. 

Walk for an hour every day.

Apart from making changes in your diet, strength training, or lifting weight, you should also consider being more active. Sitting for too long is never good for your body. Therefore, try to go for a walk for an hour or at least 30 minutes a day. Moreover, you should focus on walking for 20 minutes after every meal. That is good for reducing insulin resistance and digestion, a problem many women in their 30s face.

Eat dinner by 7 p.m. and make it light.

At night, your body is in rest space, so digesting heavy food takes time, and you do not feel rested. Therefore, you should focus on light dinners, like a rice herb bowl, salad, or anything light. Moreover, going before 7 p.m. or sunset is the best way to feel lighter and sleep well at night.

Focus on your sleep.

Circadian rhythm is everything. If you do not sleep well, you will wake up tired and make bad food choices, or you may skip the gym. All this can lead to hormonal imbalances or digestive issues, which can increase your weight. Therefore, it is necessary to go to sleep on time. Follow a sleep routine like bathing, writing a gratitude journal, or doing other activities that can help you sleep better.

Reduce stress and anxiety.

Stress and anxiety in a small amount are okay. However, if you take excess stress and anxiety so seriously that it becomes a problem that interferes with your daily life and keeps you from being happy or productive, it is time that you take steps to reduce the same. Mediating, journaling, taking cousins, and sun exposure are some of the best ways to reduce anxiety and stress.

Include protein in your diet.

Adding protein to your diet is super important for losing fat and gaining muscle. Protein is the building block of our body. It keeps you full for a long time and ensures your body recovers better. 


Obesity leads to many health issues, like diabetes, chronic inflammation, cardiovascular disease, and more. In your 30s, your metabolism slows down, and you should focus on strength training, eating nutritious food, and changing your lifestyle to ensure you can lose fat and build muscles. Hopefully, these tips will help you reach a certain weight, maintain the weight, and be fit.

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