El Chapo: The Workout You Deserve

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El Chapo: The Workout You Deserve

Welcome to the most powerful pre-workout available — the kingpin, the don, the don Juan, the infamous El Chapo! The El Chapo is our brand new product yet already notorious for its otherworldly potency. This pre-workout is considerably stronger than others you’ve taken. Are you tired of regular pre-workouts, tired of working out, tired of your job, tired at all! This ultra high-stim product will send you soaring to muscular heights as prodigious as El Chapo’s business (without the downside)!

Half a scoop? Really?

El Chapo didn’t do anything half-assed, and neither do we. In fact, our El Chapo pre-workout is so not half-assed that we recommend only taking a half scoop to start! Do the math and that means you’re getting four times the amount of a normal scoop of half as powerful pre-workout! Does that make sense? Yes, and we mean it. We doubled down to make this INTENSE. How many ways can we say it? Proceed with caution! 

Crush your workout!

El Chapo gives you ENERGY. Like we said, it’s formulated to be an ultra-high-stim pre-workout. More energy than you’ve ever felt from a pre-workout? We’ll own that. More reps than you’ve ever done? We’ll own that, too. More power screams in front of the mirror? We’ll reluctantly own that as well. Ripping through your shirt and crumbling a dumbbell in your hands? Sorry, that’s on you. 

El Chapo has three forms of caffeine to stim you up — fast-acting, moderate-acting, and long-acting.This is no joke! Along with other high quality pre-workout ingredients, this sucker will keep you going through your entire workout, into another workout, and possibly until your local gym kicks you out.

Right for you?

That depends. Are you feeling good with our other pre-workouts? Then you’re fine, stick with those. Are you opposed to unfettered attention at the gym and overhearing, “yo, those bi’s are the El Chapo of bi’s!” Maybe continue with the Escobar and Hulk AF. But maybe you’re feeling like you need an extra boost. Maybe you’re feeling like you need to take things to the next level, a level that was previously thought to be unknown. Well then, it might just be right for you. But seriously, we can’t say it enough, this is not for beginners. 

Bottom Line

Focus? Check.
Power? Check.
Energy? Double f-ing check! 

Take a pre-workout of unmatched influence, much like its namesake. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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