Who we are and what we believeWhy was Swole AF Nutrition created? It was created for them. They get out of bed every morning sore as a Monday is long. They go to their nine to five, and come home hurting even more from the chair they’ve been creaking in. A life’s worth of poor decisions is rotting them away. If there is a routine, it’s not much of one. Every lift, every push, every pull, every movement feels like a tear. They’ve been wasting away for years. So we made Swole AF Nutrition for them. We made it, because they deserve to feel accomplished. We made it, because they deserve to achieve something in life, no matter what goal they set. We made it, because people were not meant to live these lifestyles full of stress, pain, and pressure. We made it, because they deserve to improve their growth. Whether that’s muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, or likewise. We made Swole AF, not just so they could feel Swole, but so they could become Swole, in as many areas as they please. Who are they? If this paragraph has anything to offer, you should know who they are by now.