9 Things to Take Before your Workout for the Perfect Session

Are you someone who is looking to start gymming? Congratulations! It is an exceptional first step toward your health and fitness. To ensure your gym sessions are perfect and smooth, it is best to have a satisfying snack or pre-workout snack. Something energizing and nutritious as well. A good gym session will get your heart beating, get you good dopamine levels, and help you burn fat while building muscles. But all is incomplete without proper fuel, i.e., nutrition. Thus, you need to focus on eating foods that are high in nutrients but also quick to digest, especially when you are working out. The rule of pre-workout food is simple: if you have a gym session within 20 minutes, eat simple carbs, as fiber, fat, and protein will take a long time to digest. But if you have an hour before your gym session, you can go for a nutritious protein source.

This blog discusses the best pre-workout food for having a perfect gym session.

Things to take before your workout for the perfect session

Carbs are important. 

Do not be afraid of carbs. They are one of the best pre-workout meals, especially if you eat 30 minutes before a gym session. It can digest quickly and also improve your performance. When talking about carbs, do not focus on carbs with high fiber because they sit in your stomach. Instead, focus on simple carbs, which are nutritious. Even a banana will do!

Try to avoid fat.

Fats are good for health, but when it comes to pre-workout snacks, not so much! High-fat consumption before hitting the gym will mean more work for the body to break it down. Fat takes a lot of time to break down. Also, if you eat fatty snacks and workout immediately, you will have GI issues. 

Include a bit of protein in your diet.

Protein is good; it helps build your energy, keeps you full for a long time, and helps build muscle. The only issue is that it takes a long time to digest. So, eating high-protein foods just before your workout session is not the correct way to go. Eat carbs and include some protein in them. For instance, you can make avocado toast with two boiled eggs. 

Here are the best food items to eat for your pre-workout meal.


Start with water and ensure you drink sufficient water, as your body needs it pre- and post-workout.


Caffeine, especially black coffee or espresso without milk or creamer, can help you feel energetic and improve your gym session. However, if your stomach is sensitive, ensure you eat something before coffee and have a 10-minute break between the two for optimal hormonal health.

Fruit Parfait

Fruit parfait is not only healthy but delicious. All you need is a cup of Greek yogurt, some nuts, and berries of your choice. Protein, carbs, minerals, and antioxidants are all in one cup. 

Banana, cinnamon, and overnight oats

If you can eat oats, they are a good source of fiber. If you have a gap of an hour or more between snacks and a workout, go for this amazing combination. In a jar, add whole oats with yogurt or high-protein milk. Keep it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, you can top it with bananas and cinnamon. (This spice is perfect for people with insulin resistance.)

Quinoa salad with chickpeas

A great pre-work meal is a salad of quinoa, rich in healthy carbs, with a bit of chickpea for protein. You can add any dressing you want if it does not exceed the calorie limit. Have fun.


Do not dismiss PB&J as unhealthy! When you have gym time in 10 minutes and are hungry, this is the best pre-workout meal to keep you hydrated and healthy. 


To conclude, it is necessary to prepare your mind and body before working out. It maximizes performance and ensures a productive session. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • Keep yourself hydrated, as proper hydration is ideal for muscle function and overall performance.
  • Get nutritious snacks that fuel your body 30–60 minutes before your workout. They provide nutrients and energy to sustain your workout intensity.
  • Pre-workout supplement: It is necessary to include the best muscle-building supplement, including beta-alanine or creatine, as it helps enhance your focus, energy levels, and exercise performance.
  • Always perform a warm-up before you perform a workout session, as it helps you avoid injury.
  • Always take days to rest to recover from the gym session, as it helps your body recover and aids in reducing inflammation in your muscles. 

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