The Top 4 Best Pre Workouts

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The Top 4 Best Pre Workouts

When does your workout start? Before you even hear the sound of a barbell hitting the floor! That’s right, however you exercise, it should start with pre-workouts — the vital supplements that maximize your energy, endurance, and muscle gain while you pump. So what’s the best pre-workout? Best pre-workout for men? Best pre-workout for women? Whether you’re already on the train and want to make bigger gains or can’t decide which pre-workout is for you, we’re here to recommend the 4 best pre-workouts for men, women and everyone, yo!

The Basics

You’re probably wondering how pre-workouts can help or how they can help more. It’s not a mystery. Simply put, they contain ingredients that provide energy, help blood flow, and quickly build muscle mass. What that means is you’ll be laser-focused, have enough endurance to push through the hardest workouts (and maybe even add something on top!), and see the benefits of all that hard work bursting through your sleeves.

Caffeine gives you the energy to push through. L-arganine, L-citrulline, and beet powder help increase nitric acid which relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow. Creatine helps build muscle mass and provides increased strength. And let’s not forget the vitamins! These are just some of the ingredients, and each of the following pre-workouts has their own special flair. Give them each a chance! 

Here’s the list:

#4 — Fueled AF from Swole AF: Vitamin-rich with moderate stim, this pre-workout is packed with everything to keep you motivated when you struggle to simply get started. 

#3 — Hulk AF from Swole AF: Smash your workout with our stim-free pre-workout specifically formulated to PUMP YOU UP!

#2 — Escobar from Swole AF: Our go-to pre-workout for explosive energy, powerful pump, focus, and endurance.

#1 — El Chapo from Swole AF: Our new ultra high-stim product for those who need an extra bump in their game. El Chapo is CONSIDERABLY stronger than other pre-workouts, so much so that we recommend starting with half a scoop! 

Why aren’t there five? There’s always five. It’s a top 5 list, right? At Swole AF, we currently make four pre-workouts that we feel cover the gamut of what people need. So if we had to add a fifth recommendation, it would be to try out a couple of our pre-workouts to see which one works best for you. In fact, we have a combo pump + stim stack pack with Hulk AF and Escobar that pair incredibly well.

Bottom Line

You know the old adage, “don’t work harder, work smarter?” It’s a false choice! The whole point of exercise is to get both, right? pre-workouts offer the power to work smarter AND harder. So while your friends are showing up early to get an edge, you’ll be sipping on an elixir of badass pre-workout that will help you pump longer, harder, with less fatigue, and more energy! Start your workout right by starting it before you start! We swear that makes sense.

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