How to bench press

Do you know how to knock out a great bench press? 

You’ve seen all the people at the gym. You’ve probably done quite a few yourself – but do you REALLY know how to bench press to get the best workout in? Let’s break down the perfect bench press so that next time you’re in the gym, you can knock out the best bench presses.

Here’s what you have to do…

1) Prep for the weight and the work

The bench press game starts before you even get to the bench. Before you do anything, you have to prep for the work and the weight. Get some pre-workout in; El Chapo is our personal favorite, then head over to the bench to get started.

Bench Press

2) Lay down

Lie down on the bench with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Your feet should be right below your knees, pressing into the floor to create tension in your glutes and hamstrings. Your back should be slightly arched with your shoulders pressed firmly into the bench as raise the bar.


3) Grab that bar

Ok, now that we know how to lay on the bench, it’s time for the bar. You’re gonna grab the bar with two hands, shoulder-width apart, or more – depending on what muscle group you want to focus on.

Narrow grip for triceps and anterior deltoid focus.

Wider grip for focus on your chest. 

The goal is that when you bring the bar all the way down, your hands will be right over your elbows so that you can generate maximum force when it’s time to push back up.

 How to bench press

4) Get low

Now it’s time to bring the bar down. Slowly bring the bar down to your chest and breath in a nice deep breath – you’re gonna need that air on the push. 


5) Here comes the push

Start to breathe out and push up your bar. Keep your grip tight and pick a spot on the ceiling to watch instead of the bar. That helps the bar goes right where it’s supposed to.


6) Repeat!

Now, just repeat that process over and over until you’re finished with your reps!


Pro tip: Never lift heavy without a spotter. We believe in you and know you’re crazy strong and can lift whatever you want – but you still have to be safe when lifting weights.

Superpro tip: If you’re new to the bench press game, make sure you start with an empty bar, focusing on your form, and work your way up to the big weights. You may want to go heavy from the jump but getting the foundations right first is key!

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