How To Avoid Dirty Bulking

How To Avoid Dirty Bulking

Learning how to avoid dirty bulking does not have to be difficult. The workout world is filled with dozens, if not hundreds, of different methodologies pertaining to proper diet, exercise, water intake, and nearly every aspect of how we live our lives. While dirty bulking might seem like a good idea for packing on weight and muscle, without proper utilization of intense exercise you’ll find you’re putting on more fat than muscle. No one wants that! Figuring out that balance for yourself with dirty and clean bulking can be key to muscle building and ensuring you keep your body in the best shape possible.

What Is Dirty Bulking

If you want to learn how to avoid dirty bulking, then you need to know what it is and how to ensure you’re not putting your body through undue stress and weight gain for no reason. Dirty bulking is characterized as:

  • High Calorie Consumption
  • An Anything Goes Mentality With Food Choice
  • Daily Intense Resistance Training
  • High Potential Fat Gain

Dirty bulking does not care what kind of food you eat, it’s all about packing on pounds with excessive calorie intake before performing daily intense resistance training. What most people tend to forget is the most important part: Resistance training! Without the push to make your body burn more calories than usual, dirty bulking can often lead to greater fat gain than muscle. Thus figuring out how to avoid dirty bulking can be crucial to your workout routines.

Clean Bulking Alternative

Clean bulking is the more restrictive, but healthier, alternative to dirty bulking. Clean bulking is all about watching your calorie and type of food intake while ensuring you get proper exercise. This is characterized by:

  • Focus on Healthy Whole Foods
  • Intake of Healthy Fats
  • Low Fat To Muscle Gain
  • Potential to ‘Stall’ At Certain Points

Besides hitting a plateau and potentially having longer periods of time between noticeable muscle gains compared to dirty bulking, clean bulking certainly wins on the healthy food, healthy body mindset. By ensuring your body only has the most clean and pure foods being processed through it, you’ll find that you have more energy than ever before and ensure you don’t have excess fat weighing you down.

Supplements That Help

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