How Cable Back Workouts Help You Get Swole

Cable Back Workouts

So you want to get SWOLE but you don’t have the arm or back strength for the most intense workouts that will push your muscles to the limit. You need a solid place to start working out that will give you all the benefits of intense workout without putting too much strain as you bulk up. Cable back workouts have you covered and are one of the best upper body building workouts you can perform.

The Many Ways To Work Out

So you’re ready to really dig in and try out some cable back workouts for yourself. You’re at the gym, you’ve set the weights on the machine, but what is the best way to use it? That depends on what areas of your body you want to get ripped first. Let’s look at some of the styles of cable back workouts you can use.

  • Seated Cable Row: This is an excellent workout for making sure you have a wide, strong back that can support the other workouts you intend to perform. Settle on the floor, legs extended and anchored against the machine. Sit upright and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Keep your grip wide if you want more of a back workout, or narrow if you want to focus on your arms, and pull the handles to your chest and slowly back down again. And no leaning back, that’s cheating!

  • Face Pull: One of the best ways to correct your posture and work out your arms to reset them. Everyone should do this exercise especially with how often we have our arms out in front of us when we work or are on the computer. Set the cable above your head while standing and take hold of each handle, hands facing in towards one another. Flex your shoulder blades back and down before pulling the bar towards your nose, pause, and slowly move it away. Once again don’t lean back, you’ll strain muscles you don’t want to and are cheating yourself of a proper exercise.

  • Cable X-Row: Another excellent workout to fix your posture and give your back the attention it needs, the cable x-row promotes strong muscles in your mid-back and rotator cuffs to prevent shoulder injuries. You’ll want a cable crossover machine for this exercise and to grab the left handle with your right hand, and the right cable with your left hand. Start with your arms extended and at shoulder height before pulling back, keeping your elbows out, towards the front of your body until both of your arms are fully extended.

Supplements That Boost Your Gains

Now that you have some new cable back workouts to add to your routine you’ll need the best supplements on the market to up your gains. If you want the best workout powders for bulking up or just a pre-workout to get you pumped for the gym then head over to SWOLE AF and check out the best workout products on the market. Don’t just get fit when you can get SWOLE.

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