Ecdysteroids: Are they legit?

Are Ecdysteroids Legit?

Want to stock up on some solid pre-workouts and fat burners? Then you definitely need to know a thing or two about Ecdysteroids. The question is, are they better than steroids? Every now and then, a product comes along that defies all odds. It lives up to the hype and gives you the results you want. But, is Ecdysteroid the one? Let’s have a look at Ecdysteroid and the science behind them.


Ecdysteroid – What Is It, Exactly?

Ecdysteroid is a natural substance found in some plants, water animals, and insects with a structure quite like that of testosterone. Ecdysteroid supplementation has been recognized for its potential to offer several health benefits. Athletes use it as a dietary supplement to boost muscle mass and strength during resistance training, stating that it can ease recovery, curb fatigue, and take your athletic performance to the next level.


People have also been using Ecdysteroid for medicinal purposes to tackle other conditions such as disc degeneration, infection, renal fibrosis, and more. But, does Ecdysteroid really work?


Are Ecdysteroids Legit?

Although the available evidence is not sufficient to confirm the benefits of Ecdysteroids, there are many online testimonials for the “spectaculareffects of Ecdysteroids. To say with confidence that a substance is legit, you need an arsenal of human studies and research behind the statement. But, if we’re being frank, that kind of evidence takes time to accumulate. What we have in most cases of new effective supplements, and what we have here, is scientific studies with positive results showcasing the perks of Ecdysteroids and their positive effect on muscle growth.


From the data available, we can see that the pharmacological effects are positive. In animal studies, Ecdysterone showed a strong hypertrophic effect (increase & growth of muscle cells) on fiber size in rat soleus muscle. This was found to be a lot stronger as opposed to other test compounds, such as estradienedione (trenbolox) and metandienone (dianabol). All the while, subjects received the exact same dose of 5 milligrams per kilogram of body weight for a period of 21 days.



It’s clear that Ecdysteroids could improve and influence many physiological functions. More systematic data is needed to confirm the positive results many bodybuilders and athletes are already experiencing but if you’re asking, is Ecdysteroid legit? The short answer is yes. And the best time to get your hands on it is now and through a trustworthy source.



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