Do I need Supplements for Muscle Gain?

Many people commit themselves to work out in the gym. They focus on losing weight and building muscle mass for fitness or bodybuilding. But seldom do they ever take a moment to ponder whether or not they need supplements to make further progress in the gym. Such a question pops up in the minds of natural lifters who make it their ambition to continue building their body shape.

The answer to this pertinent question depends on your circumstance. For the most part, you can focus on following a strict diet and exercise plan. Consistently adhering to the program will be the better approach to gaining more muscle. Regardless of your goals, whether fat loss or strength gain, you will make accelerated improvement if you develop and follow your nutrition and exercise plan on a daily routine.

The role of supplements is strictly to operate as supplements in your diet plans. This means that if you do not have any nutrition, it is pointless to entertain supplements. They will not work for you.

Are Supplements Really Helping?

Yes, they are, but on the condition that you are sticking to your diet and nutrition plans. The addition of supplements will provide you with maximal results. They are critical in giving you an advantage over your opponents, especially in competition. That said, you should not expect immediate results or miracles. The supplements’ results are a slow process that can take up a long time.

Also, we are only speaking of the effects of natural supplements instead of the more advanced ones. Supplements vary in terms of body metabolism, which means each one will respond differently to the supplement. For the most part, the supplements will help you avail 5-15% of your desired results when it comes to your muscle gain.

Is it Safe to Depend on These Supplements?

Overall, yes. They are pretty safe.

That means you do not have to worry about any severe effects on your body. However, getting some advice from a nutritionist or expert would be wise. Consuming them according to your plans will increase muscle gain and strengthen health. However, it is necessary to separate natural supplements from the other ones in the market.

The example of creatine is a standard one. While it is a fact that the body creates its creatine, which can be consumed through red meat and fish, these operate as natural supplements. That means the creatine supplements you consume as pills are manufactured in labs through a chemical process. Hence the term “natural supplement” is perceived as loose. Expecting sped up results from food items than pills is not practical. You must rely on market supplements as the best option for your muscle making prospects.

Which Supplements Are The Best Option?

Deciding on which supplements are best for you can be a tricky endeavor. It depends on how your body responds as well as your budget. The truth is that supplements do not have the same reaction in every person. This is due to their varying genetics. The better option is to follow specific guidelines you can trust for your intake.


Creatine is the most commonly eaten supplement for the sole reason that it always provides positive results. It is the most researched supplement, which is why it is trusted. But again, do not expect magical results. If you add creatine to your diet, you will likely have about 5-20% success in your gym regarding your bodybuilding prospects. You can also opt for this supplement for your fat loss plans. If you are a gym goer, then there is no reason why you should not be adding creatine supplements to your dietary intake. You will experience more strength and better muscle gain over the course of a few months.

It is necessary to mention that many types of creatine are available in stores. But the creatine monohydrate is the only one that has been thoroughly tested. Besides its reliability, it is also relatively cheap. You can purchase a year’s supply without worrying about losing any expenses.

As mentioned prior, not everybody has the same response to supplements, and this is true for creatine as well. The Genetics of certain people does not respond to creatine at all. These people are referred to as ‘non-responders.’ These people discover their lack of response during the first few weeks of creatine intake. Once you experience zero effects of the supplement during your workout and intake, it is best to discontinue its usage as it is useless.

You can take creatine whenever you feel the need for it. The better timing is to take some after your workout. That is when your body has lost a lot of nutrients through sweat and training. Post workout is the ideal period where your body will be receptive to the creatine.

The amount of creatine intake depends on your weight. You can have about three or eight grams of creatine every day. If you are skinnier, you can take about three grams instead. That is enough for the slimmer body types.


“I always aim for at least 150 grams of protein per day, and if I can’t hit my protein goals with whole foods alone, I supplement a few scoops of Six Star Whey Protein after my training or before I go to bed” – Rob Gronkowski

Whey Protein is considered more as food than a supplement. Muscle builders entertain it as a meal replacement. However, it is your best shot to ensure your protein goals come to fruition. If you have an established nutrition plan, you should already be aware of the kind of proteins you should be taking and how many amounts. The results of consuming proteins through food products will be extremely slow, which is why muscle lifters opt for whey proteins instead. The point is the convenience as well as faster results. That does not mean it has an immediate impact, as it is not necessary to build muscle, but it is a good supplement option. You can consume whey protein whenever you want, according to your protein requirements. There are no limitations as to how much you need to take, and you should not worry about any serious side effects through its intake.


Products rich in fish oil contain omega-3 acids. These acids have multiple benefits to your health in general. Their many positives include overcoming depression, reducing fat, healing joint pain, and preventing potential heart diseases. Fish oil is an excellent supplement for muscle building. Frankly speaking, it is a good supplement for everyone, regardless of whether you go to a gym or not. You can take 0.5 grams of fish oil after a good meal. Once a day is preferable.


Pre-workout supplements are not particularly common among gymgoers. It depends on whether you want to eat some or your personality is up for it. PW supplements are essential to facilitating your workout intensification, giving you the edge. But it is a better choice for those with a busy schedule that includes working and studying. The busybodies need a good kick before the gym as they are already drained out due to their programs.

The PW supplements consist of a particular formula and almost always contain the vital ingredient of caffeine. If you are concerned about your pre-workout routine, adding caffeine, water, carbs, and whey protein in a shaker is a good idea. It is not only practical, but it is also cheap. It is viable to take your PW supplements 15 minutes before your workout. You need to test the supplement through initial intake before consuming it entirely. The first intake will determine your tolerance level to the supplement.


When it comes to multivitamin tablets, you need to be careful. Unlike other supplements, they require medical guidance before you can adopt them into your diet. There is no conclusive evidence that these supplements are adequate for the most part, and many sources of ingredients in these tablets are not healthy for your body to process and absorb. If you think it can help you, first seek consultation from a nutritionist. You can continue taking them as your supplement source. It would be best to be wary of how many tablets you can take; otherwise, you can suffer from grim health problems. Just follow the instructions on the bottle.


Beta-Alanine or B-Alanine is similar to creatine. It is an amino acid mainly for increasing strength and muscle endurance. B-Alanine will also help you avoid fatigue, especially when you are tired from all your training exercises. Much like creatine, it is tested and is quite effective. Also, it is not expensive. You can take this supplement anytime you want. But it is important to note that it does cause a tingly sensation in your arms and face. This occurs before you work out. The effects of B-Alanine do not immediately assimilate. It will require a couple of days before you get used to it. Also, this tingly feeling will help you maintain focus in the gym.

You can consume about three to five grams daily, but the intake may depend on your weight; if the tingling is too overwhelming, it’s best to split the supplement or refer to a nutritionist for assistance. 


Can I take Supplements On My Terms?

In some cases, yes; in some cases, no. You should heed the advice of a nutritionist or health expert who has enough information about the type of supplements you can adopt in your diet.

Are Natural Supplements The Better Option?

That depends on your preference. If you like natural food as supplements, that is a good initiative. However, you will not experience impressive results if you are a natural lifter. It is better to use the chemical supplement route for better results.

Are Supplements Helpful For Fat Loss?

Yes, they are; in fact, many people who aspire to weight reduction are known to take supplements solely for this purpose. But it is better to seek guidance from a health expert.

Natural Supplements Or Chemical Ones?

The consensus among fitness enthusiasts is that it is better to opt for natural dietary food for supplement intake than chemical ones. At the same time, many food items are rich in protein and minerals required for the body during workouts. It is nonetheless appropriate to resort to chemical supplements only when you wish for faster results.

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