Program Details

Start the ambassador as a new team member and get a 10% off discount code and 10% payouts on all sales every 30 days.

The requirements to maintain the teirs below are as follows:

*Make at least 1 sale per month using your discount code.

*Make at least 1 post on Instagram representing Swole AF each month.


BRONZE TIER *When you hit $500 total sales we will add you to our private Facebook page where you’ll be connected with other team members and Athletes! This group is going to help provide you with weekly education and other resources to help you succeed and continue to grow with our brand. Here we will also share special offers for team members only, exclusive access to our events, and more.

SILVER TIER *When you hit $1,000 in total sales you will receive 12% commission on sales brought in using your code moving forward.

*You will receive a free Swole AF team shirt, shaker, and a supplement of your choice (one time).

GOLD TIER *When you hit $2,500 in sales you will receive 15% commission on sales brought in using your code moving forward.

*You will receive a custom code for your personal orders for 20% off. This is for your use, your followers will continue to get 10% off.

*You will receive two supplements of your choice (one time).

PLATINUM TIER *When you hit $5,000 in total sales you will receive a $250 bonus added to your account (on top of your commision).

Please Note Moving up new tiers and receiving invites to the Facebook group are not automated. You will receive an email within several days of reaching each benchmark with your next steps.

Discount Code
Your discount code is auto-generated to be your “FIRSTNAME10.” If there is a different code you would prefer to use, please let us know.

Things To Consider
If you’re unable to fulfill the requirements for the bronze level (make one sale per month, post about the team once a month) I will reach out to see if there's anything we can assist with in order to make sure you’re succeeding at your highest potential. Our goal here is to help, but in order to maintain your membership status it is only fair to be held at the same standard as everyone else. We here at Team Swole believe in growing together as opposed to individually. The first time the requirements are not met we’ll send out a warning check-in to reiterate the above requirements and provide an opportunity to tell us how we can better assist you.

If two consecutive months are missed then we are only left to believe that your interest in being part of the team is not what it once was. We pride ourselves on building a community that truly wants to be here. After the two months you will be removed from Team Swole or brought back down to a lower tier, but can reapply at any time thereafter. Our doors are always open and we’re always looking to help our community with all things health and wellness.


We’re excited to get you started as part of Team Swole. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

Email us at:

Swole AF Ambassadors