Dietary Supplement

This bomb is ready to go. Enjoy the explosive feel of power in your veins. Allowing each curl, pull, and tug to become filled with energy. The pre-workout that blows you away.

    Appetite Support

Like we mentioned, most pre-workout's fizzle out before you even make your first thrust. This one won't. Each pump is guaranteed to feel near superhuman in power. Stay pumped.

    Targets Fat Cells

The music you listen to can put you in the zone. With El Chapo, you're in the zone before you even turn on your phone. Locked into your goal like a lion chasing it's prey. Feel the flow.

    Ignites Metabolism

Want that extra vein to pop? How's it going to happen if you quit early? This pre-workout keeps you pumping through each set like an olympic runner. You're not heading home anytime soon.