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      Turkesterone sounds familiar, but what is it?

      What is Turkesterone?

      If you're in the world of supplements, you've probably started hearing about Turkesterone. Still, you're not sure what it really is. 

      Turkesterone is a hormonal steroid from the Marla Root or Leuzea plant, which grows in countries across Asia, Africa, and Europe. It works by altering the stress response in your body. 

      It causes the adrenal, pituitary, and hypothalamic glands to work in harmony. As a result, it causes you to increase muscle mass, improve recovery, enhance workloads, and stimulate gains during training.

      Benefits of Turkesterone

      People are seeing lots of benefits in in their bodies - the main benefits are:

      • Increased Muscle Mass
      • Accelerated Fat Loss
      • Prevents Muscle Breakdown
      • Increases Endurance
      • Doesn't Require A PCT

      Keep reading to dig a little more into each of these benefits.

      Increased Muscle Mass

      The number one benefit that people see in their bodies is enhanced muscle mass. Turkesterone does this by promoting the muscles' leucine intake and optimizing the mRNA translation process. The resulting muscle protein synthesis helps create an increase in muscle mass.

      Accelerated Fat Loss

      People have also been reporting an acceleration in fat loss..

      Prevents Muscle Breakdown

      People not on Turkesterone in a caloric deficit tend to see a breakdown in muscle mass along with fat loss. Turkesterone, on the other hand, increases nitrogen retention in the muscles, which allows for people to be in a caloric deficit while still maintaining muscle mass.

      Increases Endurance

      Turkesterone increases ATP production, which is similar to creatine, in your body. 

      ATP stores and transfers energy between cells, which substantially increases strength and endurance in your body.

      Doesn't Require A PCT

      Unlike most muscle builders, Turkesterone doesn't require a PCT. That is because it doesn't bind to androgen receptors, which is why people are flocking to this new supplement as a fantastic option to add to their supplement regimen!

      The Side Effects of Turkesterone

      As of now, there have been no official studies showing side effects in people. Still, there has been anecdotal evidence suggesting some side effects, such as:

      • Lethargy
      • Loose stools
      • Diarrhea
      • Temporary headaches

      Where is the best place to buy Turkesterone?

      There is no better place to buy Turkesterone than Swole AF Nutrition.  Swole AF Nutrition Turkesterone is stronger than any other source and dosed properly.  With a half life of 4 to 9 hours Turkesterone should be taken three times daily.  Everyone else makes their Turkesterone dosage 500mg per capsule and only offers 60 capsules.  Swole AF Nutrition Turkesterone is dosed at 550mg per capsule and contains 90 capsules allowing you to dose your Turkesterone properly.

      Purchase your Turkesterone Here!

      Learn how to do the perfect pullup with Swole AF

      How to do the perfect pullup

      Learning How To Do The Perfect Pullup

      You’ve been hitting it hard at the gym. Deadlifts, curling, swimming, jogging, you name it. You’ve done it. But there’s one exercise eludes even some of the most avid gym goers and is often done wrong by most who attempt it. The pullup. Making sure you have the proper posture and technique is crucial to ensuring you are getting the most out of your workouts, and Swole AF is here to help you get the gains you deserve. 

      How It’s Done

      So you’re ready to dig in and make sure you’re doing your pullups properly. It seemed easy the first time you did one: You grabbed the bar, hauled yourself off the ground, and went to town rapidly pulling yourself up and over the bar before letting gravity take you back down. And all that was accomplished was half the workout you deserve. So here is how to do the perfect pullup:

      1. Approach the bar you intend to use and grab it a bit wider than shoulder width with your hands facing away from you, not towards you.
      2. Extend your arms and lower yourself until you are extended all the way to the maximum length of your arms. 
      3. Pull yourself until your chin is above the bar. You don’t have to go fast, you just need to make sure you get there.
      4. Take a moment to pause, holding yourself in place so your muscles get a bit of strain.
      5. Lower yourself ALL the way down, as far as your arms allow. Again, you don’t need to do this fast, you can go as slow as you want. The slower you go, the more your muscles work to keep you in place at each step. 

      And just like that, you’ve learned how to do the perfect pullup! Simple, easy, and effective. The trick is to take your time and make sure you get yourself above the bar and extend all the way back down to ensure you get the full workout on your muscles. 

      Pullup vs Chin-up

      Though similar workouts in concept, knowing why you’re doing a pullup instead of a chin-up can be important. A pullup will work on your back and biceps together and is performed with your hands facing away from you. A chin-up is when your hand are facing towards you when pulling. While this still helps work out your back, it puts more of a focus on the biceps and will work this muscle more than your back. 

      Which you perform is up to you, but something as simple as hand positioning can change the entirety of your workout and which muscles are getting toned on your body. 

      Supplements That Count

      Now that you’re armed with knowledge and ready to hit the gym you’ll want the best pre-workouts to give you that extra edge and drive to push harder than ever. When you’re ready to make that change to maximize your workouts then head over to SWOLE AF and check out our top of the line nutrition products that will pave the way for your workout success. Don’t settle for getting fit when you can get SWOLE!

      Police workouts vs. Military workouts, who does it better?

      Police workouts vs military workouts

      Police Workouts Vs Military Workouts, Who does it better?

      Police Workouts Vs Military Workouts, Who does it better? This has been a debate, besides the regular Police vs Fire Department friendly feuds, for as long as these organizations have existed. Workouts, ideology, who has the most dangerous or demanding job. If you can name it, people have compared it between these two. But let's put one of the most popular questions to rest: Who works out harder and better than the other. 

      The Military

      Military workouts have been a staple of workout enthusiasts for generations, and there’s a reason why. The military are our frontline protectors against the threats of the wider world, from terrorists foreign and domestic to hostile entities who would undermine our way of life. So police Workouts Vs Military Workouts, Who does it better? Lets look at the Military side! Here’s a few examples of the ways the military exercises:

      • Rough March: These are mandated long marches with full packs of equipment, armored vests, rifles, and the works. They can very from ten miles to thirty mile marches and are made to ensure all active military are able to march over long distances if required.
      • Pullups: One of the most iconic types of exercise, pullups not only work out your biceps but also the muscles in your back.
      • Running: Nothing works out your entire body, especially the muscles around your knees, like running. And when you’re in the military, you do intense interval running as well. Thirty seconds sprinting, a minute jog, thirty seconds of walking and repeat! Mix up how long you do each but never stop moving. 
      • The Nine Count Pushup: One of the more interesting styles of pushups, this style of pushup starts in the standing position, then crouched with hands on the ground, kick your legs back to adopt the pushup position, perform two pushups at a measured court, back to the crouched position, then upright. This entire process is ONE pushup and can exhaust even the most persistent athletes quickly. 

      Police Workouts

      Inspired by many of the workout routines used by the military, a lot of police officers will utilize military style exercises in their daily routines to stay in top shape. Whereas the military has a strict daily regiment that they adhere to for training, police workouts can be more freeform and adaptive to the individual. Some of these include:


      • Benchpress: One of the most commonly used workouts for police officers with frequent gym access, the benchpress lets us work out our arms and shoulders with increasing weight to keep our muscles in top condition. 
      • Leg Press: Another familiar exercise to many gym enthusiasts, the leg press machine allows us to work out our legs in a manner similar to the benchpress with our arms. More weight means more push and more gain for our workouts. 
      • Cardio: A wide range of exercises count as cardio, but in this case we’re looking at stair running and squat jumps for their ability to help workout the legs and knees. Police officers often have to go up and down stairs and jump over obstacles to get to where they are needed and these two exercises accommodate that need perfectly.

      The Results

      If we look at all the different exercises that these two groups performed and want a definitive answer as to police workouts Vs military workouts, Who does it better? The simple fact is each has exercises that pertain to their unique duties and will train what they need to perform their tasks. What can set the two apart is how they prepare for their workouts. Proper muscle building supplements or pre-workouts can help anyone get the extra edge to train harder than ever. Check out our selection at SWOLE AF and don’t just get fit, get SWOLE!

      Learn how to do the perfect deadlift and get SWOLE!

      How to do the perfect deadlift

      How to do the perfect deadlift

      So you want to learn how to do the perfect deadlift? Weightlifting is, in its purest form, nothing short of picking up an object and putting it back down. It seems so simple that it should be easy to do without thought or knowledge, right? WRONG! One of the most common mistakes in weightlifting is assuming you can just walk up to any set of weights and just haul them up, put them down, and not hurt yourself in the process. Improper posture, grip, and method of lifting have led to more injuries than you might imagine. It’s reported that nearly 460,000 people are injured each year in gym related incidents. So how do we avoid the pain and work on the gain when deadlifting? By making sure you have all the knowledge you need to lift to your heart's content in the proper manner! So lets get into the guts of how to do the perfect deadlift!

      How It’s Done

      So you’re ready to try your first, or next, deadlift and want to make sure you’re doing it properly. There are a few easy steps that you can follow in order to make sure you are getting the most bang for your lifting buck and won’t throw out your back in the process. Here’s how to do the perfect deadlift:

      1. Place your feet shoulder width apart before the bar.
      2. Place your thumbs against the outer part of your thigh and run them down until they touch the bar, this is your ideal position to grip the bar.
      3. Choose your grip: Double overhand or mixed. Mixed is one hand grasping over, one under, which allows you to lift more weight. Make sure you mix up which hand is under and over so you don’t imbalance your muscle gains!
      4. Grasp the bar as firm as you can before you start to lift and make sure your head stays in a neutral position during the entire lift. This is done by focusing on a spot two to three meters away on the floor and keeping your chin up. 
      5. Begin lifting the bar by driving your hips forward and keeping a flat back. Keep your chest up to ensure a strong back during the lift. 
      6. Keep your shoulders angled in front of your hands until you get to waist height with the bar before they move back. 
      7. Once you have lifted the bar fully, lower it in the same manner as lifted. Make sure you do not drop the bar, you won’t get your full workout this way and risk dropping it on your feet! With heavier weights where you are pushing yourself just to see how much you can lift, dropping the weights is often warranted instead of hurting yourself trying to lower them.

      Now you’ve Done the Perfect Lift!

      You’ve got the stance, braced yourself, lifted and dropped those weights and you are feeling ALIVE! Repeating this exercise and practicing that perfect posture and lifting will ensure you can keep building up to more weight and max out with enough weights on your bar to make you the envy of the gym. But learning how to do the perfect deadlift is just the beginning. If you truly want to push yourself to the next level and ensure you are getting the gains you deserve then you’ll want to head to SWOLE AF and check out our pre-workout and muscle building supplements to ensure you are prepared to not only get fit during your next gym visit, but that you get SWOLE!


      How To Avoid Dirty Bulking

      How to avoid dirty bulking

      How To Avoid Dirty Bulking

      Learning how to avoid dirty bulking does not have to be difficult. The workout world is filled with dozens, if not hundreds, of different methodologies pertaining to proper diet, exercise, water intake, and nearly every aspect of how we live our lives. While dirty bulking might seem like a good idea for packing on weight and muscle, without proper utilization of intense exercise you’ll find you’re putting on more fat than muscle. No one wants that! Figuring out that balance for yourself with dirty and clean bulking can be key to muscle building and ensuring you keep your body in the best shape possible.

      What Is Dirty Bulking

      If you want to learn how to avoid dirty bulking, then you need to know what it is and how to ensure you’re not putting your body through undue stress and weight gain for no reason. Dirty bulking is characterized as:

      • High Calorie Consumption
      • An Anything Goes Mentality With Food Choice
      • Daily Intense Resistance Training
      • High Potential Fat Gain

      Dirty bulking does not care what kind of food you eat, it’s all about packing on pounds with excessive calorie intake before performing daily intense resistance training. What most people tend to forget is the most important part: Resistance training! Without the push to make your body burn more calories than usual, dirty bulking can often lead to greater fat gain than muscle. Thus figuring out how to avoid dirty bulking can be crucial to your workout routines.

      Clean Bulking Alternative

      Clean bulking is the more restrictive, but healthier, alternative to dirty bulking. Clean bulking is all about watching your calorie and type of food intake while ensuring you get proper exercise. This is characterized by:

      • Focus on Healthy Whole Foods
      • Intake of Healthy Fats
      • Low Fat To Muscle Gain
      • Potential to ‘Stall’ At Certain Points

      Besides hitting a plateau and potentially having longer periods of time between noticeable muscle gains compared to dirty bulking, clean bulking certainly wins on the healthy food, healthy body mindset. By ensuring your body only has the most clean and pure foods being processed through it, you’ll find that you have more energy than ever before and ensure you don’t have excess fat weighing you down.

      Supplements That Help

      If you want to take your workout game to the next level and help your next bulking experience yield even greater results, then you’ll want to check out the pre-workout supplements that will get you prepared to push harder than ever at Swole AF. Don’t settle for just getting buff when you could get SWOLE!